We have been working with major publishers and design studios since 1973.  We produced our first Adobe Illustrator (v. 1.1) maps in 1987.  By the end of that year we were working with Fodors to create all new Illustrator maps for their newly redesigned Gold Guides.  That multi-year project led Fodors and eventually all of Random House to convert to desktop design and production.  We have created thousands of maps and informational illustrations for historical fiction and non-fiction, travel guides, college texts, classroom posters, books on politics and world affairs, as well as an occasional fantasy or detective novel. 

We design our maps to integrate naturally with each project's style, typography, and editorial content.   We utilize a wide variety of styles and techniques, as you can observe by browsing our portfolio pages. 

Our work has been featured in books by authors such as Fred Anderson, Andrew Bacevich, Steve Berry, Max Boot, William Buckley, Michael Chabon, David Dary, Wade Davis, John Demos, Ivan Doig, Anthony Everitt, Ron Hansen, Victor David Hanson, Katherine Hepburn, Charlie Huston, Jill Lepore, Robert D. Kaplan, Mark Kurlansky, Robert K. Massie, John Meacham, James Monaco, Alexander Rose, Condoleeza Rice, Jonathan D. Spence, T.J. Stiles, Bing West, and Ronald C. White Jr.

If you have map-related questions, or if we can help you with a project, here is our contact information:


85 Broadway, West Milford, NJ 07480     973-697-1965