NYC and Company (New York ConventioN & Visitors Bureau)

We began providing maps to the NYCVB in 1991, working initially through Warren Kremer Advertising, followed by Where Publications (Toronto) and later Forbes (New York).  All these NYCVB maps are copyright © David Lindroth Inc.  

MANHATTAN TEAR-OFF MAPS (2011)  These two maps (above and right) were distributed to information centers in pad form.  Visitors could get directions from agents who could write instructions or tips on the map, tear off the sheet so the person could take it with them.

Our maps were used in a variety of NYCVB publications, including the Meeting planning Guides, the Visitors' Guides, the stand-alone tourist map, and also in very simplified form on the web.

In 1991 we were asked to render major points of interest in Manhattan.  Later the buildings were removed, the maps became more densely bulleted, and the color palette and typography changed several times.


Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants (St. Martins Griffin, 2006). Copyright © Phantom Gourmet. Colorized.

From CityWalks Barcelona (Chronicle Press, 2007).  Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.  The product is a boxed set of 50 walking tour cards with map on the card front and itinerary on the back.

Map of South America for the tour operator Travel Impressions.  Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc. These maps appear in their printed brochures and online.

For a Herbalife Nutrition in-house travel guide.  Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.

From Peter Meltzer's Passport to New York Restaurants (multiple editions).  Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.