For The Vast Unknown: Americas First Ascent of Everest, by Broughton Coburn (Crown 2013). Map © Broughton Coburn.

One of thirteen maps for The Liberator, by Alex Kershaw (Crown, 2012).  Map copyright © Alex Kershaw.  Liberator describes the World War II route of the 157th Infantry from Sicily, to Salerno, Anzio, and Rome, then up the Rhône Saone valley, through the Vosges, and finally into Bavaria and Dachau.

For In Europe's Shadow: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Journey Through Romania and Beyond, by Robert D. Kaplan (Random House, 2016).  Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc..


Endpaper map for Gentlemen of the Road, by Michael Chabon (Ballantine, 2007); a decorative but still accurate reference map used in a swashbuckling adventure novel.  Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.  This map was designed as a duotone, and is an example of pictorial relief.

For Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship, by Robert Kurson (Random House, 2015). Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.


For Cliffs of Despair, by Tom Hunt (Random House, 2006)). Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.  This book was a non-fiction work, but the pictorial style and bird's-eye perspective would work well for many fictional projects.

For Treasure Island, by John Louis Stephenson (Map copyright © Readers Digest Association, Inc. 1985). 

For Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest, by Wade Davis, (Knopf, 2016). Map copyright © Wade Davis.  This is a colorized detail from the "Inner Massif" map, showing the Mallory expedition's final approaches to Everest from the north.  At the time Tibet was open to the British, Nepal was not.

For Age of Myth, by Michael J. Sullivan (Del Rey, 2016). Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc. A imaginary world, fleshed out from the author's sketch.


From California Serendipity: The Thousand Mile Summer Revisited, by Andreas M. Cohrs. Map Copyright © 2012 David Lindroth Inc.  Cohrs repeated Colin Fletcher's route described in The Thousand-Mile Summer: In Desert and High Sierra (1964).

From Eagles and Empire: The United States, Mexico, and the Struggle for a Continent, by David M. Clary.  Maps copyright ©  David Lindroth Inc. Most of our hachure work is done with the custom font Mount David we created back in the 1990s. The hachure type is usually converted to outlines in the final version of the map.

From California Serendipity: The Thousand Mile Summer Revisited, by Andreas M. Cohrs. Map copyright © David Lindroth Inc.  Cohrs asked us to do the maps for this book because we had worked on several of Colin Fletchers books.